DIY: E36 Replace Side Mouldings

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DIY: E36 Replace Side Mouldings

Post by kyleabaker »

I got the opportunity to swap my M3 side moldings onto the new car last night and although it is a fairly simplistic process, people seem to have questions about it.

The Mtechnic side moldings have different clips than the standard E36 side moldings. Chances are you will want to replace all the clips before putting the new side moldings on. The old clips could be worn out or broken and this could cause the sidemoldings to sag away from the car.

Retrofit kit
Part number: 82119403140
This is for a coupe and will be different for a sedan.

Pieces and parts

To hold the badge on you will need (2) 51132251639 (part #6)
To hold the sidemoldings in you will need 51132251394
For a coupe there are 3 for each end piece and I believe 7 in the middle piece.
The replacement rubber (condoms) that protect your paint and seal against water that go on each of these clips is 51131960127
The front quarter panel molding has part#12 at the front as does the door molding. The rear molding has it in the back right in front of the wheel well. The part number is 51711929320
This plug snaps into a special green grommet to hold it tightly and once inserted is very difficult to remove. It is not listed on this page but can be found with the side skirts. It is 51711932996 (part #7) I used 6 of these.

Start by trying to get the side molding to pull away from the body of the car. Start slowly and pull with steady force. Try to get your hands close to the clips and pull straight out. Work your way down the molding until it is removed.
After this I cleaned the metal behind the molding with a sponge and car soap. I made sure to dry it completely and not get water in the holes in the body panel.

Here is a picture with the green grommet installed.

Make sure you place this in the correct hole that corresponds to the plug on the sidemolding. here is a close up.

Here is a picture showing that you need to line up the clips to the holes.

Here is the piece installed and you can compare it with the normal E36 side molding.

Here is a picture to show the door molding pulling away from the door as it is being removed.

Here is the door side molding installed with the motorsport badge.

One side completely installed.

If there are other questions I can answer them or take more pictures. I had to rush through this job because I had some tough time constraints.
The most time was spent cleaning the car, the moldings and lining up the plugs. It could probably be done in about 15-20 minutes if you were in a hurry.


So how do you replace the stock badge with the Motorsport badge? Just peel and stick?

You have to be careful trying to get the plugs to snap in. you have to press enough over the plug to get the sidemolding and plug to deform enough to go through the hole and secure on the inside of the panel. I think that direct constant point pressure works better than hitting it with your hand or a mallet.
Also the clips must be installed correctly. There is a small cut in the rail that allows the clip wings to go below this rail. Then you have to slide it to the correct position. These wings hold the clip down. On the top side there are clips on either side which attach to the upper rails as well. Make sure the clip is snapped in securely. It should be somewhat tough to slide them.

The badge has two plastic posts on the back of it. Simply insert it into the rectangular hole in the molding and then use those two metal clamps to secure it. They slide down the posts with the cupped side facing outward to the molding. The middle of the metal clamp has v shaped knife edge blades which grab to the plastic badge post and hold it in tension against the molding.


Apparently if you wish to buy these, PacificBMW, BavAuto, and MMS Tuning all have about the same pricing right around $180. They should come with the clips. Depending on whether you buy the Mtech retrofit kit or just "reorder" the M3 kit will determine whether you get the ///M badge or the ///M3 badge.

The other badges are sold separately.

Motorsport badge: 51 13 2 264 146
MTechnic badge: Missing the part number but it has been posted. I will check and update this.
///M3 badge: 51132251381
///M Clubsport badge: Never seen the part number for this.

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