Please make suggestions for the site!

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Please make suggestions for the site!

Post by kyleabaker »

We are now taking feedback from users about the site. Itf you have any comments or suggestions about the site please let them be known here! All feedback is welcome!

Example types of feedback:
-Site layout
-Site colors
-Forum topics
(suggest one that is missing or suggest to alter one that already exists)
-Submit a logo for the site!
(if you are good at graphics design, you could share a small part of your talent and submit a new logo for the site!)
-Want to see more features in the forum?
Suggest features you'd like to see! Or even smilies that you'd like to see!
-Don't see a category in the downloads section you're looking for?
Suggest a category for us to add! We'll do our best! you could even contribute to the downloads section by submitting content to us that we don't already have availible!
-Have problems with your browser? Well for this one, I think I'll help you. Switch to Opera. It is a much better browser and works on all systems!

Anything else you can think of to suggest or comment on here is fine.


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