How can I identify the engine model?


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How can I identify the engine model?

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Hi everyone, hope you can help me out here as I bought a used 1995 325i and I am not sure which engine it has. I replaced the thermostat and found that the 1995 gasket doesn't fit on the thermostat housing, but the 1992 gasket fit just fine. The door panel suggests a date of Jan 1995. Would this be production date or manufacturer's date? And which date do I need to use when obtaining parts etc.? I downloaded a free copy of the Bentley manual yet I am still not sure which engine is in this car other than it's an inline 6 with vanos. The DME suggests it is an M3, the engine code I was able to locate suggests it's a 2.5 motorsport ? (what ever that is)

This car came complete with built-in gremlins! One day it's like this, the next day it's like that and then on every second Wednesday or so it's something else!@?#%Y$# I really need to identify this engine, I think it may be a b25tu or M50tu or ??

Thanks for your help!

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