Rumor: Next generation BMW M6 to rival Audi R8

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Rumor: Next generation BMW M6 to rival Audi R8

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Wishful thinking? Are we getting teased or this is indeed the direction BMW wants to take? Two questions that most likely will remain unanswered for a while, but Autocar UK pushes out an interesting article today, yet somewhat deceiving.

According to the UK magazine and citing sources close to the Munich-based automaker, BMW’s flagship M6 is unlikely to be replaced when the next 6-series arrives. Instead, its spot will be filled by a V8 sports car drawing cues from BMW’s Vision Efficient Dynamics concept.

Well…let’s stop here for a second. So is Autocar really saying that the M6 is being phased out or…. that it will simply move away from its core idea into a new direction? Without encouraging these speculations, we have to say that we find it hard to believe that such an iconic car, the M6, will be indeed renamed, rebadged or simply phased out.

Image ... 982359.jpg

We can certainly see some of the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept design cues making its way into the performance car, but that is hardly something BMW has tried to hide. They have been quite open about the possibility of seeing future production models taking advantage of the futuristic and breakthrough design sported by the Vision Concept.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Autocar states that the M6 was aimed primarly at US buyers -true, to an extent- but to call it “sitting awkwardly within the range”….well, that’s quite a stretch. Every luxury automaker HAS to offer a high-end performance car and BMW has rightfully chosen to accomplish this with the M6.

No one is questioning the technology in the Vision ED Concept and Autocar points out correctly some of its high-tech advantages: M3 coupe-size with M3 performance, Toyota Prius levels of economy and CO2 emissions, next generation interior and exterior design.

To argue their points even further, we need to point out a few things. Yes, the performance coming out of the VED advanced diesel-electric hybrid system is impressive, especially since turbocharged three-cylinder engine is production ready, but we certainly see an M6 icon sporting more than 356 hp. Yes, we know, it’s all about efficiency these days, but at the same time, the M6 is all about a niche market, a low-volume seller that keeps the true enthusiasts happy.

To contradict themselves even further, Autocar “throws” in there that the the production version of the Vision ED may get the next-gen M5’s twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8.

Which one is it going to be fellas?

To save the day, they mention that “using this engine will ensure the firm still offers a car with M6 levels of power and performance, but the inclusion of much of Vision ED’s eco-tech”. No offense, but we will hardly call that that twin-turbo 4.4 liter V8 as being “that eco-friendly”.

In a recent interview, BMW Research and Development chief, Klaus Draeger, has said a future BMW supercar has to “be intelligent and dramatic-looking, something like the ED concept”. Sounds promising….

To end with a bang, if you allow us to use those slang terms, Autocar names the next M6 as being a rival to the Audi R8 and Porsche 911, and even to AMG’s forthcoming baby SLS model.

Now that’s just teasing, but we certainly hope they’re anywhere remotely right, otherwise, we will live another deception and that’s something we’re not in the mood for anymore.


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