DIY: E36 Anti-Theft Radio Lock Code Entry

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DIY: E36 Anti-Theft Radio Lock Code Entry

Post by kyleabaker »

This DIY will explain to you what to do when your BMW e36 radio displays the word 'CODE' on the small LCD screen.

If your screen is displaying this message it is because one of two reasons...
1. The car's battery power dropped below a preset value in the radio, riggering the anti-theft radio lock mode.
2. The car's battery is completely dead or has been disconnected.

In either case the problem can be fixed very easily. Simply find the Radio Code cards that came with the purchase of the car. The cards should include a Code number and a Serial number. The serial number is the specific serial number of your BMW radio. The code number is a 5-digit 'password' that will unlock your BMW radio. Not all BMW radios have the same code, so it is not possible for me to post a one code to fix all here. Each radio requires its own code, unique codes in a way. The procedure is as follows...

1. Turn your car to the 'On' position. Either started or just before starting.
2. Turn your radio to the on position, leveling the volume knob at a reasonable position since the radio may unlock and be very loud.
3. Enter the code displayed on your card in order using the number keys on the radio.
4. If you mess up and enter a wrong number remember that you have to complete the sequence. The radio is listening for 5 digits at a time. So if your code is 12345 and you enter 125, continue on with the 45 to finish the sequence.
5. If you hear a beep, this means that the code was entered incorrectly. Note that if you are entering a code and the radio beeps before you have completed the 5 digit code, start entering the code from the beginning immediately. Each beep signafies a wrong entry and prepares the radio to accept another 5 digit entry.

If you have entered a wrong code 3 times, you must leave the radio alone with your car running for 1 hour (1 hour and 15 min to play it safe). You may spend this time driving around or leaving the car running in your driveway. At the end of this duration, you are allowed 3 new entries. Make sure you enter the code carefully, so as to avoid waiting another hour.

*If you have lost your card you can take your car to a BMW dealer and have them enter the code for you for free.

This is a remedy that I found while browsing the net. It has not been tested by me, so I cannot verify if it works or not, but you are more than welcome to try it out and let me know if it works or not so I can let others know.
[quote=Danny1]07-11-2006, 11:48 AM
Hi there

I had this problem but Please note this only works on if it is an LCD radio, take the Radio out place in a plastic bag and and put it in youir freezer for 10 to 15 mins!!! and when you take the radio out, the code will be showing in the top left hand corner of the LCD Screen!.....I know what you are thinking!,.....hey this guy is CRAZY...But thats what I thought when I was told of this.

Good Luck:D[quote] ... 86488.html

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