DIY: How to Reset Service Interval Lights on a BMW X5

The BMW X1 is a compact crossover manufactured and marketed worldwide by BMW since 2009 in rear-wheel-drive (sDrive) and all-wheel-drive (xDrive) configurations.
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DIY: How to Reset Service Interval Lights on a BMW X5

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How to Reset Service Interval Lights
For X5's produced from October/November 2000 and beyond:

1. Key in 0 or off position.

2. Press and hold odometer button and turn key to 1 or acc. position.

3. Keep button pressed until any of the following words appear in display: "oil service" or "inspection", with "reset" or "re". For vehicles with "high cluster", the fuel amount (in litres) remaining until next service is displayed (i.e. 3224).

4. Press and hold button again until "reset" or "re" flash. If there is no "flash", minimum consumption value has not been met.

5. While display is flashing, press button briefly to reset service interval indicator. After display has shown new interval, the following will appear in display for approx. 2 seconds:"END SIA"

For model year 2000 or early production 2001's:
Resetting the service lights can be done by one of two ways, firstly specialist tools are available for around $95+ that plugs into the diagnostics port and reset the lights automatically, or you can do it manually using a paperclip or small length of wire. To do it you need to unscrew the dust cover from the diagnostics connector (attached the the suspension turret ) and turn the ignition switch to position two - this is where the accessories come on but the starter motor doesn't engage. Create a short between pins 7 and 19, hold this in position for 5 seconds for an oil service, or 10 seconds for an Inspection. See the picture below - looking at the orientation of the "pacman" helps.
Take off the piece of wire and turn off the ignition. When you turn the ignition back on you will see the service lights are all green bars.
One way to make a jumper is to use a 16 gauge wire, stripped on the ends, twisted and then folded over once to make it thicker. Just make sure you don't touch any of the other pins when one is already connected.

The light reset is done not just by time of "jump" of the pins but by breaking the circuit after the correct time. To reset Oil Service lights engage for approximately 5-6 seconds then release. For the Inspection lights, engage for approximately 10-12 seconds then release.

Source: ... mw-x5.html
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Re: DIY: How to Reset Service Interval Lights on a BMW X5

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Cool , saw similar tube video for E36. The guy there says 10 seconds

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