2012 BMW 3 Sedan US Preliminary Information

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2012 BMW 3 Sedan US Preliminary Information

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America’s best selling BMW model gets a full makeover.

For the first time the US will see the same on-sale date as Europe when it comes to a 3 Series sedan. Production of the F30, as it is known internally, begins in earnest the first week of December for US spec cars. The new 3er will go on sale globally February 11, 2012. Some sources indicate that the Munich plant has already ended the production of the previous generation E90 and the retooling is beginning in order to begin production November, 1. The car will be sold as a 2012 model in the US since production is beginning in 2011.

BMWNA is launching the car in “Modern”, “Sport” and “Luxury” trim lines with M Sport as an additional line after launch. The trim lines are not the only way to package cars, there still will be a “base” level that can be optioned in a variety of ways but some of the special features of the model lines will not be available a la carte.

Essentially what BMW AG has done is created a way to offer items that normally would be reserved for BMW Individual to the masses. They were able to create special editions- similarly to how the US in the past had “Sports Package” cars with special wheels, bumpers, suspension and trim lines- In Europe and many other markets there are not such grouping of options into packages but rather the buyer chooses most items.

What to expect in the US: Equipment and packaging has not been finalized but this is the current information.

  • the “lines” will be offered BUT there will be no badges on the front fender to show what the “line” is.
  • No CLOTH (give up hope it is not happening) and that goes for M Sport as well.
  • Specific packaging for cars based on engine will not exist (328i and 335i cars will look the same except the exhaust and possibly wheels).
  • Only certain colors can be optioned as a line- You can’t get a bronze car with the Sports line etc. The “lines” are set in stone.
  • Orange reflectors in the bumper in front of the front wheel (like on the F10 5 Series).
  • 328i will feature the new 4 cylinder twin power turbo N20.
  • 335i will feature the inline six twin power turbo N55.
  • Transmissions will be six speed manuals and ZF 8HP 8 speed autos.
  • Tires latest generation run flat.
  • No diesel planned at this time, Active Hybrid in Fall 2012 (2013 Model Year)
  • xDrive to be offered later as is typical in most launch cycles.
  • M Sport brakes- may be offered as part of the M Sport line and an option on the Sport Line.
  • Pricing: We are expecting a 4% increase and additional standard content when compared to the outgoing model.

As we approach closer to launch we will have many more details, and as we know things can change very quickly so stay tuned!


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