How to set time


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How to set time

Post by odraved »

I am new here at this site so forgive me but what i really want to know is how do you set the time in the 1998 BMW 318i. I would most appreciate the assistance. :)
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Post by kyleabaker »

Hello and welcome to bimmermania!
The clock is set differently depending on what MID (multi information display) you have. How many buttons?

If it's 7 buttons, then hold down the hr/date button for 5 seconds until the : starts blinking. Then use the hr/min buttons to adjust the time and press Set to set it. While changing the time, use the C/F button to switch between am/pm and 24 hour time.


push and hold "clock" until it says "input time". to switch between am/pm hit the "1000" key until you are at the right hour. use the 1, 10, and 100 keys to enter in the right time, the hit "set". clock should be set.

Hope that helps you out. ;)

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