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hi guys great forum

my names LEE and im from the UK.. i have bought my mrs a 1999 [t plate]
316 compact.. i have spent a great deal of time in repainting it and modifying the body im now sorting the mechanical side of it and have came across a major problem.

the rev counter or the water temp gauge doesnt work. the water temp gauge moves a fraction when you turn the ignition on but wont move past the first white line before the blue area i have replaced the sender unit but that hasnt made any difference..the rev counter just doesnt move at all also wen i press the ASC button nothing is displayed nor does anything show wen i press the cruise controll switch...

please help i have checked all the fuses and everything i can think of..i have a week to get it sorted as its my mrs birthday next week and this is a surprise for her..

thanks in advance :lol:

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There could be a number of causes for these problems. My suggestion is to first check all of the fuses under the hood if you haven't already. Secondly, you might check to make sure that the gauges have a snug connection in the dash console.

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