New users: READ ME FIRST!

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New users: READ ME FIRST!

Post by kyleabaker »

First of all, welcome to this forum!

If you are reading this then chances are you have not signed up to be a registered user yet. It's simple and it's free! If you haven't signed up yet please take the time now to register and return here to continue on.

Register Here!

Now that you have registered you are ready to start posting! This forum is designed to help you find the information and resources you need for your BMW as well as to provide a communication board where you can just talk and have fun with other members.

The forum is broken down into several categories and those categories are broken down into several topics. Just navigate through and find the topic that you're looking for and post away!

When posting, in order to receive the most help on this forum, make use of the following techniques:
  • First off, do a search to see that the problem or question you have hasn't already been answered. If it hasn't then continue on.
  • Start a new thread rather than hi-jacking someone else's thread. When you hi-jack a thread, most people will only read the first few posts in that thread and respond to them and actually never see your question!
  • Use a title that describes your problem or the main idea of your thread; ex. rather than using the title 'Help!' for something like a rattle problem (which is far too general) use something like 'Funny rattle coming from under hood'. This will allow the other members to find answers to their problems later.
  • Be as clear as possible when posting a message that you expect others to help you with and respond to.
  • Be kind in the forums. A lot of times members will get irritated at repeating questions or problems where it is evident that the poster didn't do a search previously. Other members may be rude, but try not to yourself so you won't be adding to the fire.
Once you have these steps down you're ready to go! Good luck!

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