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1. BMW Films - The Hire DVD

    MD5 Hash: DDE857DA18E08BC081318BB7A0A6A2C2
    Disc Image - 4.7GB

BMW's groundbreaking The Hire film series ignored conventions and created the phenomenon known as online films. The Web has never been the same since. These eight short films by critically acclaimed Hollywood directors effectively revolutionized the world of interactive entertainment, while showcasing the absolute limits of automotive high-performance exclusive to BMW. Over 100 million film views and numerous awards later, The Hire film series served as further proof that when it comes to innovation and technology, BMW has always been ahead of its time.

Please note that The Hire Films series is no longer available for download or purchase.

2. E30 M3 Rally

    MD5 Hash: C4F3C5DF162CFECC296394389BB58396
    File Type: AVI - 1.5GB
    Play Time: 01:36:26

3. Pimp My Ride - Escort-to-BMW

    File Type: AVI - 174MB
    Play Time: 00:20:08

    Description: Ugly Ford Escort gets pimped out and transformed into a Bimmer want to be. This project was such a disgrace to BMW and the BMW parts on the car. Makes me cry every time I watch it. However, it was definitely an upgrade to the car's appearance, but just straight-up wrong! :'(