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BMW Sound Clips
Air Intake Sound Clips
1. Debaffled 92 325i - 55mph to Full Throttle - 498KB
2. Debaffled 92 325i - Standing In Front - 332KB
3. Cold Air Intake (Type Unknown) - 1.21MB
   -- This sound clip was found in a thread at (specific thread can be found here).
DTM Exhaust Clip (Home Video) - Video clip used as sound clip
Exhaust Sound Clips
...taken from
  Stock System - mp3
ANSA (second baseline used) - mp3
B&B TriFlo - mp3
HIOP/evosport - no mp3 available yet
HKS (second baseline used) - mp3
Racing Dynamics (second baseline used) - mp3
Rogue Engineering (second baseline used) - mp3
Supersprint DTM--2.5-in., silver - mp3
Supersprint--2-in., black - mp3
UUC System U--Single Canister - mp3
UUC TSE--Twin Canister - no mp3 available yet
Random BMW Clips
1. BMW E36 M3 Squeals Tires - 1.96MB